VIRTUAL: UX Drop-In Consulting

VIRTUAL: UX Drop-In Consulting

We're available online! Stop by anytime using the Zoom link below:

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Need help making your website, services, or products easier for people to use? Or interested in learning how design thinking practices can guide you to creative, impactful, human-centered solutions? Or maybe you're just interested in learning more about the field of UX and its possibilities as a career path?  

Chat with UX practitioners from the Libraries and across campus, and learn how you can make better experiences for people!

Visit the UX@UA website to learn more about UX. 

Things we can help with

Crafting research studies, which may include:

  • usability testing
  • user interviews
  • surveys

Creating prototypes of prospective products and services:

  • learning rapid prototyping approaches
  • getting prototypes ready for testing

Making sense of user research findings:

  • pulling out themes from your studies
  • presenting data so that people understand it

Improving existing designs and content:

  • revising content to be more user-friendly
  • techniques for better organizing information, such as navigation menus
  • quick and effective improvements for better web accessibility

Our UX consultants are designers, researchers, and problem-solvers. Feel free to get in touch with us beforehand to discuss your project, or just stop by.


Rebecca Blakiston, UX Strategist, specializes in user research, including usability testing, card sorting, and user interviews, and content strategy, including content design, information architecture, and translating jargon into plain language.

Bob Liu, UX designer, specializes in: User interface design, including building wireframes and prototypes; User research, including conducting user interviews and usability testing; Tools and workflows for design handoff.

America Curl, UX student assistant, specializes in user research, including usability testing, card sorting, and user interviews, as well as data analysis and presentation with tools like slide decks, Airtable, Qualtrics, and Optimal Workshop.

Ann Shivers-McNair, Assistant Professor and Director of Professional and Technical Writing, specializes in qualitative UX research methods, UX writing, and technical writing.

Victoria Ogino, program coordinator at Tech Core, specializes in software development and UX/UI design

Consultant schedule

To help plan your visit, check our consultant schedule to see who is available.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 Show more dates
1:00pm - 2:00pm
User Experience (UX)
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  User experience (UX)