Data & Viz Drop-in

Data & Viz Drop-in

The Data & Viz Drop-in: your one-stop-shop for R, Python, Data Management and Data Visualization help

Need help with your R scripts? Want to tell your data story graphically? Need help with managing your data? Meet with the Data Cooperative Specialists to get help with your data needs on Tuesdays, 9-11 AM, with in person sessions at CATalyst Studios in the Main Library or virtually when available.  


Learn more about Data Cooperative here.

Learn more about Research Computing's Data Visualization here.

The Data Cooperative Specialists are available Tuesdays 9-11 AM:


R & Python Programming


Specialist: Jeff Oliver

What we can help with: learning how to debug your code, wrangling data

How to connect: Hybrid Open Lab Alternates with Workshop Schedule (view schedule)


Data Management

Specialist: Fernando Rios

What we can help with: file clean up and organization, data management plans, data sharing & publishing

How to connect: Virtual Only. Drop in on Zoom (link)


Data Visualization

Specialist: Devin Bayly

What we can help with: telling your data story, building web-native animations

How to connect: In person. Drop in. No appointment needed.  For joining virtually, please follow instructions for R & Python virtual access to also access a Data Viz breakout room (here)


Tuesday, January 17, 2023 Show more dates
9:00am - 11:00am
Main B201 - Data Studio CATalyst
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