Scopus Training:  Find Research (Online)

Scopus Training: Find Research (Online)

Scopus is a large database of peer-reviewed literature, including journals, books, and conference proceedings.  This session will give you a complete explanation of what Scopus is, how it can be used and some of the key benefits of its use. The session will also showcase Scopus in a demonstration with some examples, providing tips and tricks on usage and how to use some of the more advanced functionality.

This workshop will include the basics of working with Scopus, including:

  • Searching for articles and other types of literature on a topic
  • Find related articles through citations and follow citations over time
  • Refining search results (document type, highly cited, etc.)
  • Saving search results
  • Setting up search alerts to notify you when new papers become available

This is a zoom workshop.  Please use this link to join.  The password will be sent to your email.

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Monday, October 25, 2021
2:00pm - 3:30pm
Student Learning & Engagement
  UA faculty & instructors     UA graduate students     UA staff     UA students  
  Research & publishing     Workshop  

Registration is required. There are 15 seats available.