Movement/Rest Quilting Bee

Movement/Rest Quilting Bee

The Movement/Rest Quilting Bee is a bi-weekly opportunity open to all Tucson and University of Arizona community members to come together to make and learn in the midst of COVID-19 and white supremacy, two of the concurrent and intersecting crises of 2020. #MoveRestBee is inspired by the beautiful and loving work of #BlackLivesMatter & #M4BL.It is a virtual space and a hands-on public quilt project designed to nourish creativity, resistance, activism, joy, rest and care. This program is co-sponsored by CATalyst Studios and the Public History Collaborative.


All registered attendees will have the option to attend as many of the bi-weekly workshops as they would like and will each get a free kit with the basic supplies needed to create a unique square for the public quilt. Workshops will include short lessons on basic techniques related to quilting, as well as presentations by artists, activists, and “craftivists” from Tucson and beyond. Invited speakers will share inspiring projects and talk about their work as it relates to social justice, public history or art, and documentation - placing quilting in social and cultural contexts and radical traditions. Attendees may use the remainder of the workshop time to discuss their quilt squares, ask questions, and get help from workshop facilitators. 


Upon registration, you will receive further instructions for participation, including how to pick up a quilting kit and how to return your finished quilt square. The quilt will be professionally assembled in the Spring of 2021.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020
4:00pm - 5:00pm
CATalyst Studios
  Open to all  
  Community     Workshop  

Registration is required. There are 27 seats available.