A Gentle Introduction to Spreadsheets With Excel (for Humanities people)

Many researchers in non-quantitative disciplines have successfully avoided using spreadsheets or Excel as much as possible. That said, sometimes you get 10 Word doc pages deep into a table you’ve built and realize that this is maybe not the best way to deal with your information. Or maybe you are starting a data-driven project for the first time and you realize you need to learn something about this now, or you are suddenly in charge of a budget and need to manage it, or maybe you are seeking employment outside straight-up Humanities research that requires that you have a basic knowledge of Excel. In all these situations, you don’t use spreadsheets normally and you now are in a situation that requires you to engage with them.

This 1 hour workshop is for absolute beginners and will cover the very basics: we begin at the beginning (cells, rows, columns) to understand what spreadsheets do and why they are set up like that before going into a discussion about how we can use Excel to manipulate our data in a few different ways and what the benefits of doing so can be.



Wednesday, March 15, 2023
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Research Engagement
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